Our Aim & Approach

Our aim is to deliver our services elegantly, and be competitive as one of the market leaders in the security industry.

Also, our functions are to safeguard evolving industries; Corporate offices, Events, Football activities etc. BRITS STANDARD Security is committed to protect premises, properties, people and technology. We are also innovative, and able to find solutions to security issues and outstanding service to our customers, by providing the rewarding work for employees and producing sustainable growth and returns that our clients and stakeholders deserve.

Our Story

This Company was founded in the Year 2010; and registered in Company House United Kingdom in November 2018 as a Limited Company.

We have been providing high quality, reliable, enthusiastic Security Personnel to a number of Corporate Offices, Retails and Events over the years.

Our Company Status

We are a UK registered company, registered at Companies House as BRITS STANDARD SECURITY LTD as a limited company. We are registered in England and Wales, bearing company number 11668473.

We are licenced and insured

We are authorised by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to conduct many aspects of security services business. We also hold maximum employer liability insurance, bearing policy No. FHGB2209778XB

Our Management Team

We are a team of security professionals with a combined experience of versatile security services exceeding 35 years. Our Management team is strongly training and professional bearing all sorts of licences and certifications, understanding the needs of our customers, and with this in mind, our priority is to

"be prepared - first"

Next Steps...

Call us on 01753 290004 or email info@britsstandardsecurity.co.uk for a no-obligation quote.